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Known to its members as “The Lifestyle,” swinging has always been one of the most misunderstood subcultures in human history. Books, movies, and TV depict it, at best, as some fantasy world and, at worst, as a secret society of sexual miscreants. This unfair and perverted misrepresentation has not only painted an incorrect depiction of the swing community, but it has also forced swingers to hide participation from the vanilla (aka non-swinging) world, scared off would-be Lifestylers, and set false expectations for newcomers. In Swingland, Daniel Stern, ten year swinging veteran, takes the reader between the sheets of the Lifestyle, hairy backs and all. Alternating between confessional narrative and how-to tutorials, Stern traces his oft-humorous journey from childhood phallophobe to card-carrying swinger while simultaneously detailing protocol and etiquette for anyone curious to give swinging try.

Daniel Stern's Swingland is brave, funny, eye-opening, entertaining and well-written . . . everything one could ask, really, of a book about sex. But for all its titillations, Swingland is also something more rare: it is humane, and vulnerable. The book is a genuine delight.


-- Matthew Specktor, author of American Dream Machine


Daniel Stern navigates the naked frontier of consensual, casual group sex with a firm, polite grip. Never pedantic, Swingland shimmies like the mingling souls of James Brown (The Los Angeles Diaries) and Augusten Burroughs to the Boogie Nights soundtrack.


-- Antonia Crane, author of Spent


Delightfully self-deprecating, and unrelentingly honest. Swingland offers an insightful glimpse into a strange sexual world.


-- Sam Benjamin, author of American Gangbang

If you want to know your MFM from your MMF, your NSA from your GB and so much more, here's a man who's been there and done everything! Swingland is the erotic equivalent of a travelogue, Stern is an excellent X-rated tour guide through the often misunderstood world of swinging.


-- Rachel Kramer Bussel, Editor, The Big Book of Orgasms and Best Sex Writing 2013


Swingland is everything you need to know about swinging, whether it's your thing or it isn't. Stern isn't trying to pull punches here. He's the real deal, and it shows. Especially in chapters like Synthesis, bedded down in a lovely little section called Intercourse. This book is a must-read. I also thought it was really funny that he says 'DON'T be creepy' in a guidebook to swingers. Brilliant.


-- Oriana Small AKA Ashley Blue, author of Girlvert: A Porno Memoir

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